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Ignatius Nelson Consulting - Water Consultant
Ignatius Nelson Consulting provides expert water treatment consulting to help your business or organization achieve compliance at an affordable cost. With 30 years experience in various areas of water treatment and water distribution, Ignatius Nelson Consulting has the operations expertise your small to medium-sized system requires. 

From wells to reverse osmosis to working with diverse water sources, we are well versed in the day-to-day needs of running a quality water system. Whether it's a water system, water utility, water district, or a water municipality, all are subject to the same regulatory requirements, and we'll help you meet those requirements.

Ignatius Nelson is a Grade 4 Water Distribution Operator and a Grade 3 Water Treatment Operator certified by the California Department of Public Health, which has some of the most stringent water quality regulations in the country. In addition, he has achieved certified small business status with the State of California.

Ignatius Nelson Consulting
Based in California, Serving the USA

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Treating Water with Integrity

We're eager to help you find the best solutions to meet your unique demands. We'll put our broad industry knowledge and expertise to work for you employing the most cost-effective and efficient strategies. When you need a water consultant dedicated to providing crucial support, we are your perfect choice. Ignatius Nelson Consulting is fully equipped to deliver the high standards of excellence necessary to achieve your complete satisfaction. 

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